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Shifting your furniture and household to the entire building available to you is all possible by Allied Home Movers in Abu Dhabi. From packing your moving estimate to unpacking your belongings in a new location and placing them in order. While The service is part of Allied Home Mover’s changing initiative. Storage service is very important in domestic and commercial transactions for which these Allied Home Movers have large warehouses that store your products and keep them safe in Abu Dhabi. If your step is scheduled or unplanned. Then, it doesn’t matter to Allied Home Movers experienced squad. You can recruit removalists to make an emergency transfer. The 24/7 service of Movers And Packers in Abu Dhabi is evidence that our completely skilled team can handle your emergency change without any pressure.

When it comes to preparing your belongings for a move, if it’s not done correctly or efficiently, after a move, you might end up with broken things. That is exactly where our programs come from. We provide a fast and easy-to-use experience.

Movers And Packers In abu Dhabi

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Services and procedure of Movers in Abu Dhabi


First of all, we provide a short survey service when our customers contact us for services as movers in Abu Dhabi. We send our supervisor any time when our respective customer needs to inspect all the house items for calculation of the charges based on quantity and transportation.

Why do we do surveys for movers and packers services? Because.While We want to keep our customers very satisfied and happy with our service we don’t want to give them irrelevant and inaccurate prices. When we do a survey then we know what will be the best price for your house or office shifting.


We do proper dismantling of all big furniture like Beds, Bunk Beds, Cupboards, Dressing Tables, Dining Table, Sofas (if needed), Tv Stands, and appliances like Fridge, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Dryer, etc. To keep our movers and packers process smooth and soft.

Moreover, We have expert and well-trained furniture carpenters who are familiar with all kinds of furniture and electronics to dismantle without any damage.


We provide proper packing service while we do work as movers in Abu Dhabi. Then, We do professional packing of your stuff which can’t damage when we load and unload into trucks. We use high-quality materials for packing services like (Carton boxes, Stretch Film Roll, Bubble Wrap, Tapes, Blankets, Packaging peanuts, thermal sheets, etc.)

For furniture, we use stretch to roll and carton roll to protect it from any kind of damage and scratch. Then, for glasses, we use bubble wrap which is very protective for glasses and other expensive items. While, For small items like clothes, kitchen items, living room items we use carton boxes to keep everything properly and easy to unpack and set up after relocation.


When we finish dismantling and packing then we load it into our trucks which are box-covered protective and shift it to the new house. The main thing is fixing furniture which can be a headache sometimes. Moreover, but we have professional carpenters who are very fast in their responsibilities. They fix everything in a short period of time and put everything as they picked up. Our services are guaranteed that your furniture and electronics will be moved safely.

I would like to clear your mind if are searching about below questions

What are the best packers and movers?

The best packers and movers in Abu Dhabi are those companies that provide reliable and professional services. You can check any company according to their work experience and price reliability. A lot of people in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are serving daily but very little in them belongs to the registered companies and professional service providers. You can check our services hiring us will be very best for you.

Do you serve in the Abu Dhabi area?

Yes, we provide service for movers in Al Ain and all Emirates of UAE. Our trucks and carpenters, packers are available in every Emirate and make sure all teams have a professional supervisor.

How much do movers cost for a local move?

Packers and movers charge according to your furniture and other house items. There is not any fixed price that you can get directly. It depends on items and distance. I can give an idea if you want movers in Abu Dhabi. Within Abu Dhabi for 1bhk can be between 700-1500 AED. But any moving company should inspect the furniture and distance before giving you the price.

Is it better to hire movers or move yourself?

If you have little items like one or two boxes then you can move by yourself. But if you have a 1 or 2 bedrooms house to shift then the recommended method is to hire a moving company who will pack and shift all of your stuff within a day. Because it needs a lot of time and tools which are moving companies have. So it’s better to call a moving company and get an estimated price for your home shifting.

Who are the best movers in Abu Dhabi

The answer is very short! All those shifting companies who give you a quotation in written format and having their own company brand everywhere are the best movers. Any company can’t claim as their profile best without covering these options in the moving industry.

  • Any moving company that you want to judge that they are the best movers in Abu Dhabi or not should be registered with the Depart of Economic Development.
  • Best movers should be present their office location and trade license copy to the client when discussing charges.
  • They should inspect the items and provide the details of transportation and movers and packers charges in a written format from the official Email.
  • They should have multinational workers who should be trained and aware of all the customer needs and expectations.

Without covering these points no company can claim itself as the best movers in Abu Dhabi. They should be a professional and well-known company. And most people see the moving companies’ trucks around the UAE because they are traveling on daily basis. I would like to recommend you here as our company covering these options and our main purpose of service is our client satisfaction.

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